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I'm happy that you are taking the time to find out more about me and about 3C's Consulting.  I look forward to exploring how we can partner together to discover what is ahead for you or your organization, and how I can help you to achieve it.  It is my sincere desire to be of service to you in a way that leads to profound results.

Martie Adler
Owner, Consultant

Working with a coach or a consultant is an intimate relationship as you will be sharing personal information and may feel vulnerable.  I'd like you to know as much about who I am as possible to see whether you feel you would like to partner with me for your growth, whether personal or for your organization.  It's an exciting journey if you have the desire and the courage to begin the work.  I chose the name 3 C's because I am passionate about being conscious and present to life (Conscious Coaching), how we respond to life (Conscious Consulting), and how we respond to death (Conscious Aging); 3 C's!

I've been on my own journey of growth, self-awareness and mindfulness for many years which has helped me to see clearly what my triggers are, how they show up, and what's behind them.  Learning how to see what comes up for me, and discovering what it is about, has had the unexpected result of gaining compassion for myself and others.  It also means that as an accountability coach, things get very real!  It can be quite beneficial for us to see when we are allowing excuses or victim mentality to get in the way of our growth; and it's my responsibility and commitment to you that I will hold the space for you to see how you are holding yourself back and what is holding you back.

It's been an exciting and sometimes painful journey to see where I'm not allowing myself to be authentic.  That's one reason it is such an integral part of the work I do with my clients.  Possibly we can get to that place where we have the courage and the willingness to be vulnerable enough to be ourselves.  Keeping ourselves small does not serve us nor those we interact with.  I created a model to deal with fear as it prevents us from being who we are, or from having the courage to stand firm with right action when we know it's not popular. Fear and beliefs rule our lives and keep us from living authentically and fully.  Addressing them can bring a level of joy to your life you may have never before experienced.

In terms of conscious aging, it is my intention to create awareness around aging, death, and dying.  Life is such an exciting journey, and aging gives us the experience and knowledge to live as we choose to, embracing our authenticity and reaching for the joy that comes with it.  I am delighted to work with those of you who want to consciously move into your life as you age--regardless of your current age!  The work I do in this area spans a continuum from active/conscious aging through the process of dying and death; and there is so much to discover. 


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