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Conscious Aging


Most of us haven't had much discussion in our lives about aging or end of life.  The emotional and psychological impact of aging is as real as the physical and must be given attention if we want to live our most joyful life.


Through my interactions with elders in our society, the main regret is that they didn't make choices to do what really mattered to them; often not even conscious of what that was.  Each of us have our reasons for delaying what kind of life we want to have.  

Maybe you are experiencing some 

decisions about this right now.

Whether you want to explore aging or begin looking at what you'd like your end of life experience to be, I would be honored to explore this journey with you.


There are many ways to address the experiences of aging and we will find one or more that resonate for you.  We will work together, exploring what living your best life looks like.  Here are a few ways that we can work together:

Living Consciously

Programs and workshops are created to support the diversity of client needs, helping you explore what living consciously-being mindful and aware-looks like. All programs and workshops offer you the chance of meeting others who are on a journey similar to yours; which can be exciting and comforting. 

​Exploring elder-hood

Through workshops and working  with a variety of partners, we explore the journey of being an elder in our society. We look at how we can help each other, how we can mentor, how we can give back.   I frequently offer mentoring pro bono.  


I work with individuals, families, partners, and with entire groups; depending upon what the need is.  Reach out and let me know how I can assist you on your journey.


End of life is a topic we don't discuss much in our country.  For those of us who want to be conscious about what our end of life will look like, we will travel that journey together and discover what is important to you.  As an end-of-life Doula, I assist in a variety of ways:

Living funerals

When death is imminent for you or someone you love, I will create a joyous celebration of life that represents how my client wishes to exit this life.


Death Cafe

A facilitated event using the death cafe model where those who want to talk about death have an opportunity to do so with others of like mind.



I have found that talking about dying and death with small groups of people, often strangers, can put us in a situation where we feel more at ease talking about it.  I will create custom workshops for clients in any area of loss, grief, death or dying.  If you have interest, ask about the workshops already developed and what the  participants had to say.

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