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The rhythms of Life

I'm finding so much to be grateful for while on retreat; and that is exactly what this time has been for so many during the pandemic--retreat. So many opportunities to be mindful in ways not experienced before; I look forward to taking this wonderful experience and learning into my life and into the world in new ways. I've basically been in mindfulness practice this last few years, and even more so this last two months. So many lessons from a few of my teachers that bring joy to the surface that I want to share with all of you. I invite you to really sit with one of more of these writings; to pay close attention to how you are reacting or responding to these thoughts and hold space for whatever wants to come up.

All you need to do is be authentic; to be real; to allow the freedom of being you.

Trust in your own heart and allow it to guide you.

Feast on your life, greet each moment and event with open arms.

Know that who you are is so very special-you are amazing and there is no one else just like you-how will you share yourself?

What is your biggest fear as you contemplate being authentic? Ask what is true.

See you next time.

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