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What Clients Say

Below are testimonials from some of my consulting and coaching clients.  Full contact information is available if you would like to discuss what kind of results you can expect when you partner with me.

Martie was able to engage people from different and often contentious points of view to begin creating a new direction for our organization.  I was so impressed with the ways she set people at ease, listened, and ensured a respectful experience that I entered into a coaching relationship with her to help me successfully manage conflict, set performance expectations and grow as a leader and communicator.   

V.B. University Dean

With systems and programs, if an issue arrises I have no problem solving it.  When it comes to people, it is more difficult.  Martie has helped me view leadership in a way that I can effectively coach and mentor my team and it feels much more comfortable.

S.L.  IT Engineer

Being the senior leader in HR, I seldom have the opportunity to discuss issues due to confidentiality.  Martie has provided a safe and confidential space as well as providing mentorship based upon her own HR background.  I appreciate our relationship.

J.G.  VP of Human Resources

The results of your training were profound!  I have never experienced an internal discussion that was this effective.  It gave Board Members the time to grasp our Strategic Plan, think about what we're doing in our advocacy, and then engage in a constructive discussion about how to achieve our goals. There were substantive differences of opinion, yet we were able to skillfully communicate.

 J.S. Executive Director, Non-Profit

I first experienced Martie’s consulting at work. I was so engaged and impressed that I reached out to Martie for coaching.  Martie is wise, inspirational, and gentle. She is an insightful communicator with a direct style that inspires trust. Working with her has been very meaningful and transformational for me; I have been able to grow in tangible and positive ways! I highly recommend Martie for both consulting and coaching and have referred her to friends!

 K.G. Coaching Client

I participated in multiple leadership development workshops & engaged in several staff development initiatives, all facilitated by Martie;  and sought out her expertise to cope with and manage organizational issue.  Martie was amazing! She listened, guided and quickly built trust and rapport, but moreover as a skilled coach, she asked the right questions – those coaching questions that forces one to look inside and truly examine one’s beliefs, ethics, values, expectations, and purpose. Martie’s coaching was transformative.  I learned how to identify and become the leader I wanted to be, but most importantly I learned how to lead and not compromise my value system professionally or personally.  

N.L. University Director

Martie is a skilled coach and organizational effectiveness expert. With her no-nonsense, personal approach Martie quickly understood our organization’s context and continually offers invaluable guidance and leadership support as our team grows and evolves. 

J.L. University Director

Martie Adler influences and impacts people and organizations at large by way of building high trust, caring deeply, being forthright and engaging straight from the heart.  She’s an active listener who has an uncanny ability to distill, direct and deliver with honesty and kindness. 

K.S. HR Director

Martie has helped me to realize and appreciate my true core values and strengths in my strife to be the best version of myself.   As a result, my confidence and effectiveness as a manager has increased dramatically.   Martie has many attributes but I would say that her main strengths are that she is passionate, engaged, transparent, caring, insightful, non-judgmental and trustworthy.  Martie was never afraid to ask the tough questions and to be totally honest with me in her coaching style.  

S.R. Coaching Client

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