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Find the courage to be authentic


It is my intention to become an active partner with each of my clients, providing authentic, truthful, and conscious interaction leading to transformational outcomes.   This means  that everyone involved will choose to commit to being open and vulnerable with each other.  Together we will create a unique plan to achieve transformational results.


Coaching relationships are based upon mutual respect, trust, and a willingness to explore and discover regardless of the fear that may arise.     I provide the space for high self-awareness, honest dialogue, and compassionate and caring interactions.


Conscious Aging

Living consciously-being aware of how we are living our lives-allows us to make choices that serve us.  And, considering how we want to prepare ourselves for death allows us to live fully and authentically right now.  As a mindfulness coach and  End of Life Doula, I partner with my clients to make conscious decisions on how they want to live and die.


Martie Adler is the owner of 3C's Consulting Services and has been providing a variety of consulting and coaching services since 1996.  Guiding and advising clients in trust-based leadership is a strong mission of Martie's and it colors every interaction with her clients.  Martie is intentional in her goal to assist clients in the deliberate transformation of themselves and their organizations; leading to heightened self-awareness and a culture that engages and nurtures associates while achieving goal attainment.  Martie works with clients, guiding them through conscious, creative discovery, to determine what will be necessary to live their lives courageously and authentically. Are you ready for the journey?

Explore & Discover, let me know how I can assist

Thank you for reaching out.

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