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Consulting Services:.

Pricing varies and may be quoted by project or as an hourly rate.

Organization Effectiveness

Organizations are complex systems with a variety of moving parts.  Through our dialogue together, we will determine what issues you and your organization are facing; define the root causes behind them; and create a plan to achieve the outcomes you expect.

The issues may be people-related, process improvement or change, systems, environmental, or a combination.  Each client organization is evaluated based upon the information obtained a variety of ways, often through an interview process, to derive the best strategy and interventions. Many interventions include Leadership or People Development; please refer to the Coaching page for details.

Cultural Expectations

There are two critical steps for creating a culture that enlivens, inspires, and consistently results in engaged and committed employees.  Regardless of how long you have been a leader; regardless of your experience; if you have not created a foundation of trust, it will be impossible to become a high performing organization.  The second step to build such a culture is to develop expectations for both performance and behavior.  These are not top-down expectations; they are created by everyone in the organization.  Everyone has a voice, is expected to contribute, and expected to commit to what the organization or team created.

Change Management

Change is the one thing we can consistently count on.  Through our work together, we can create a process specific to your culture that will allow your organization to be resilient and even embrace change.  That may include the recommendation to utilize change champions within your organization to lead change efforts and coach others to move with rather than against it.

As part of managing ongoing change, we will consider the unique traits and characteristics of your people to leverage high levels of engagement and excitement around your mission and goals.

People Development

As part of the organization development plan, we may determine that your people will need skill development; which is quite common.  Or you may be committed to helping them further develop their skills as part of your succession plan.  There are a variety of ways to develop your people, in every role or position.  We may utilize one of many assessments to determine leadership capability, how an employee relates to others on their team, and how they can further develop their skills overall.  The top two most requested services is the discovery and creation of a leadership philosophy, and increasing emotional intelligence.  We can create a plan that works for your organization and your people.

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