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Coaching Relationships

Executive and Leadership Coaching
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Most people were not born knowing how to be a leader; yet all of us can learn to provide leadership that inspires trust and engagement, leading to relationships that are fulfilling and positive.  This type of coaching really enhances our ability to be a skillful leader; and I have coached individuals that are new to leadership through every senior level position.  

Choosing to be coached may very well be your first step toward authentic and courageous leadership!  And if you are seeking coaching for a leader reporting to you, engage and encourage open dialogue to determine whether they feel they are ready to take this step. Before committing to a coaching relationship, we will determine what that looks like, and set expectations for roles, responsibilities, accountability, and intended outcomes.

People Development Coaching
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Every one of us has areas in our life where we can build skill; and sometimes others see the need before we are even aware of it.  It is a positive and courageous action when we seek assistance to grow and develop-especially with someone who is not a part of our organization.  The level of honesty, accountability, and guidance that a coach can provide often changes the willingness to hear, to be open, and to take the leap necessary for the growth to occur.  Whether you instigate the coaching relationship for someone reporting to you, or they come to you wanting to enhance their skills, it is important to understand that all coaching relationships are highly confidential.  As a trusted partner in all coaching relationships, I will share only with my client.

Self-Awareness Coaching
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There are only a couple of things we can do to raise our awareness of self and others. Being mindful and conscious about who we are, what we do and do not do, our thoughts, our actions, our emotions, all determine how we live our life and what that life looks like.  Self-awareness impacts every relationship we have--with ourselves and with others; and it defines the quality of the relationship.  Being authentic, bringing our best selves to each day, creating a life that is filled with joy and active engagement, takes a level of commitment and willingness to do the work.  Self-awareness and self-management are the two critical pieces of building trust within our relationships and our organizations.  It would be an honor to guide you through this process.

Life Transitions Coaching
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Changing jobs, aging, retirement--when we are present to the transitions--we can consciously and deliberately determine how we want to live our life.  We can make conscious choices, be authentic and find the courage to live as we choose.

We don't tend to plan for the next stages in our lives.  Figuring out how we want to live, to age, what we want to leave as a legacy, and how we want to die are all decisions that can enrich our lives and those we care about.  Regardless of what transition is occurring for you--retirement, aging, life changes, death or dying--I would be honored to walk that path with you.

For those whose death is imminent, taking the time to be conscious about your choices can be a wonderful and joyful experience. 

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